2015 The Southern League

Sunday 26th April - Away qualifier at Norton Radstock

Sunday 10th May
- Qualifier (and League/club points)

Sunday 24th May - Qualifier(and league/club points)

Monday 25th May - League/club points

Sunday 7th June - Qualifier (and league/club points)

Sunday 14th June - reserve date if any of the above meetings are cancelled

Sunday 19th July - League/club points

Sunday 13th September - League/Club points (double points)

Saturday 10th October - Grand Prix meeting

Sunday 11th October - Grand Prix meeting

UK Autograss Championships

1. 2nd & 3rd May - Sturton
Check site for entry limitations

2. 20th & 21st June - Bredon Hill
Check site for entry limitations

3. 11th & 12th July - North Wales
Check site for entry limitations

4. 15th & 16th August - York
Check site for entry limitations

5. 19th & 20th September - Radford
Check site for entry limitations

Men's National Autograss Championships
Date Saturday 01 August and Sunday 02 August
Host The West Midlands League
Venue Thinghill Court, Withington, Hereford, HR1 3QG
Scrutineering Friday 31 July